Introduction of GPRS technology

Answer: GPRS, General Packet Radio Service , is a new packet data communications system sprung out of today¡¯s fixed telecommunications networks. GPRS is the mainstream technology of the worldwide mobile communications transition to 3rd generation, it's a very important and indispensable approach and landmark in the migration from second generation to the third generation (3G) mobile networks. We call it the 2.5G mobile communications technology.

GPRS is particularly suitable for discontinuous , unexpected or frequent , a small quantity of data transfer, and suitable for sporadic mass data transfer. GPRS could be used within the PLMN or the packet data transfer between GPRS network and the external packet data network( IP, X.25). GPRS offers the seamless connection to the present data network. With GPRS, the information is split into separate packets before being transmitted .GPRS facilitates instant connections and high immediacy whereby information can be sent or received immediately as the need arises . Moreover, connection speed of GPRS facilities could reach from slower than 100bps to maximum 171.2kbps, that is sufficient for needs range from low-speed SMS transfer or high-speed enhanced web browsing. All kinds of applications less than one time slot could take advantage from GPRS, because different users could share one time slot.£<

The basic working principle of GPRS is: With GPRS, the information is split into separate but related packets before being transmitted and reassembled at the receiving end, instead of using present fixed data transition. Which facilitates sharing network resources between users, and allow the service-providers optimize existing facilities and create new income source.


Value-add Service of GPRS

Except for transportation system, GPRS has enormous potential in other trades. for example,

Information Service
Kinds of exciting information will be delivered to mobile users, including stock price, sports news, weather forecast , flight schedule, news title , entertainment and traffic information, etc.

People prefer directly talk to each other than communicating by data transfer, so internet chat room is very popular these days, people who share the same interest and hobby could talk and discuss topics with non-voice mobile service. Thanks to the cooperative function of the GPRS and internet, GPRS will allow mobile users fully participate in the existing internet chat rooms , no more chat room of user's own is needed to be built. That is a very important feature for GPRS.
Web browsing
Circuit switched data services can't ensure the mobile users logging on to the Internet all the time to surf the pages. Because of the low speed data transmission, it will take a long time for the data transfer from internet server to the browser. That's the reason why the GPRS is much better for web browsing.

File-share and cooperative work
Mobile data brings convenience to FILE-share and cooperative work, so that people in different places could work with the same files.

Job disposal
Non-voice mobile service can be used to assign new task to outworkers and keep them in touch. At the same time, with non-voice mobile service, the service engineers or the sales men could ensure the headquarters knowing the rate of progress of the client needs.

Intranet E-mail
Due to the work needs , in some companies, a lot of employees have to leave the office, it is very important to expand the intranet E-mail system on the PC in their office then to keep the connection between the employees and their office.

The extension of GPRS could connect the mobile terminate to the PC E-mail and expand the application range of enterprises.
Internet E-mail
Internet E-mail can become a gateway operation in which the information cannot be saved, or a mailbox operation in which information can be saved. In gateway operation , wireless mail platform will transfer the information from SMTP to SMS and send to the SMS center.
static graphics
static graphics such as photo, picture, postcard, card or speech draft could be sent and received via mobile network.
With GPRS, graphics could be transfered from a digital camera which is connected to GPRS wireless facilities , to an internet website or other receiving facilities, and can be real-time printed.
Remote LAN Access
When employees are not at their desk working, they need to connect with the LAN of their office. All application in remote LAN are allowed to access.
File Transfer
File transfer, including all kinds of transfer ,eg., downloading relatively large quantity of data from mobile network.

Mobile Practice in China

How is the GPRS network transition and what is the capacity?

Answer: China Mobile GPRS network covers 31 provinces and more than 240 cities in our country now , with a capacity of 2.1 million. China Mobile will construct a GPRS covers the biggest area , with the largest capacity and the best quality in China, due to its leading technology and unparalleled investment. Along with the gradually development and the extensive practice of GPRS technology, GPRS network will definitely become the most mainstream transmission way of mobile data transfer step by step. Wherever in flourishing cities , or in remote suburbs, GPRS could provide high-speed data service for the new generation, business man and enterprise-users in all trades .

The world's top 200 largest mobile enterprises have chosen GPRS network, that deliver GPRS service to everywhere in this world, meanwhile , China mobile users could communicate with Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore freely , which means the telecommunication is being brought into effect.

At mid-2002, China Mobile will launch a new GPRS network service with optimization and enhancement. At that time, the data transmission speed of GPRS will be about ten times as fast as speed of GSM networks nowadays. Broadband communication, visual data, multimedia data will all become more realistic and more convenient for mobile users.

What is the marketing orientation of China mobile developing GPRS?

Answer: The main objective of China mobile constructing and developing GPRS network is to bring its clients the lastest information data service and to deliver a real fresh and fashionable customized data network life.

China Mobile GPRS Service will provide the most exciting service for the upper business man and the young fashion-oriented , new-tech followers. Those services include mobile business consultation, mobile work and mobile entertainment. With the further promotion and more actualization of the Monternet Project, applications based on GPRS will be more prosperous and can provide types of mobile data information services on life, work and study for mobile clients. GPRS users can access any webpage or other Internet applications anytime, anywhere - thanks to GPRS's immediate critical mass of uses.