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Founded in 2001 with headquarter located in Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Shanghai, Shanghai FLEETY Communications Co., Ltd. Designs, manufactures industrial grade GPS device and provides total system solutions.

FLEETY was one of the first company worldwide to apply 2.5G wireless communication technology in the vehicle monitoring and management industry in 2002. In particular, combined with GPRS/CDMA 1X/3G/4G and GPS technologies, the real-time vehicle management system and the full set of vehicle location integrated service filled gaps in the China domestic intelligent transportation market successfully. Keeping step with the world's advanced technology, FLEETY remains in leading position to provide total solutions in the intelligent transportation field.

 Technology and Competition Advantage
FLEETY Intelligent Vehicle Dispatching System is far better than other similar systems based on GSM public network from Mainland, HongKong or Taiwan in the aspect of performance, capacity ,price or system operating cost , and even better than foreign tradional GPS dispatching system providers' products...
Director Zhu from Shanghai Science and Technology Committee visited FLEETY Communications ,Ltd. in July 2003.
Dispatching System
Fleety Intelligent Vehicle Dispatching System
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